Legends In Concert: Original Uptown Divas


This Show presents a spectacular collection of some of the most celebrated and vibrant songstresses of our time. From the unforgettable voice of Dionne Warwick performing ‘Walk On By’ to the memorable and equally unforgettable Dusty Springfield singing ‘Love Me Tonight’ we bring together sounds for all tastes and every mood. Added to this musical indulgence there is also the visual feast of their performing presence ranging from the seductive Tina Turner (Hot Legs) to the raunchy Chaka Khan (We Can Work It Out) to the relaxing tones of Rita Coolidge (Something About You Baby I Like), you’ll find this 18 track production a collection that not only makes it unbeatable entertainment but will also prove an impossibility to miss. TITLES: 1. LOVE ON THE ROCKS (GLADYS KNIGHT) 2. LOVE ME TONIGHT (DUSTY SPRINGFIELD) 3. LIKE TO FEEL (CHAKA KHAN) 4. ALWAYS SOMETHING THERE TO REMIND ME (DIONNE WARWICK) 5. TAKE A LITTLE RAIN (TINA TURNER) 6. IT’S ONLY WORDS (RITA COOLIDGE) 7. LEAVING IT ALL UP TO YOU (TANYA TUCKER) 8. NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN (DIONNE WARWICK) 9. UPSIDE DOWN (DUSTY SPRINGFIELD) 10. WE CAN WORK IT OUT (CHAKA KHAN) 11. YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE (BROOKE SHIELDS) 12. WALK ON BY (DIONNE WARWICK) 13. LOVE KNOWS WE TRIED (TANYA TUCKER) 14. HOT LEGS (TINA TURNER) 15. SOMETHING ABOUT YOU BABY I LIKE (RITA COOLIDGE) 16. DREAMING WITH YOU (SUSAN ANSON) 17. TOO MUCH TOO LITTLE TOO LATE (DENICE WILLIAMS) 18. ANYONE WHO HAD A HEART (DIONNE WARWICK)

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